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With guidance from leadership we have decided that at this time we will not be taking any action to purposefully phase in employees [beyond those laid out in the Phases from the state]. An important part of our dynamic situation is the need to assure that we use as much as possible of our initial allocation—ideally 100% of the initial supply we get.  If we do not effectively distribute our initial supply it may decrease our subsequent supply volume. As such, any decision to restrict access could hamper that goal, and potentially adversely impact the volume of vaccine available in coming weeks and months.

Below are some additional factors that we feel will contribute to a natural phase-in:

  • % of employees that will opt out of the vaccine [unknown at present]
  • Time it takes to register into the state portal [unknown at present]
  • Each vaccine clinic can only administer 150 shots per day (2 locations = 300 per day)
  • Management of time off by supervisors to maintain clinical operations


Recognizing the many important considerations are in play here, we appreciate everyone’s flexibility and understanding of the initial approach of opening up access to as many individuals as possible.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and will certainly learn more as the situation evolves, but to the extent our goal is to get more supply of the vaccine, this reflects current consideration. Please remember that this situation is fluid and we will continue to communicate any new developments.