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The following message was shared with co-workers earlier this afternoon at UNC Medical Center, UNC School of Medicine and UNC Faculty Physicians. It has been included here as an FYI.

  • For staff – please coordinate with your supervisor on taking time off to get a vaccine

Steps to Schedule Your Shot: COVID-19 Vaccination 

UNC Health has received its initial shipment of COVID-19 vaccine! As someone identified in Phase 1A to receive the vaccine, please review the following details:

  • If you haven’t already, you should soon receive an email from NC DHHS with the subject line of ‘Thank you for Signing up’ – see a screenshot of a sample message in English or Spanish. If you choose to receive a vaccine, use the link in that email to complete your registration and confirm your eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Once you complete these steps, please speak to your manager about the best time to receive your vaccine to ensure we maintain adequate staffing on our units. Providers should review their schedules similarly.
  • Then, please visit the appropriate link below to complete a brief screening form to receive scheduling instructions.
    • UNC School of Medicine and UNC Chapel Hill faculty and staff: University ONYEN required
    • UNC Health co-workers and providers: Intranet login required
    • Note:
      • When creating our Phase 1A list, we were purposefully over-inclusive rather than limiting the number of people eligible in Phase 1A.
      • If you work solely in an area which seems lower risk, please defer scheduling your vaccine appointment to ensure we can first vaccinate all of our healthcare personnel working with COVID patients or at high risk of contact with COVID patients.


Pasos para ponerse la vacuna contra la COVID-19

¡UNC Health ha recibido su cargamento inicial de vacunas contra la COVID-19! Como persona identificada para vacunarse en la Fase 1A, por favor, lea los detalles siguientes:

  • Usted recibirá un correo electrónico de NC DHHS. Si usted decide ponerse la vacuna, utilice el enlace que aparece en el correo electrónico para completar su registro y confirmar su idoneidad para la vacuna COVID-19.
  • Cuando complete estos pasos, hable con su gerente sobre el mejor momento para ponerse la vacuna a fin de garantizar que nuestras unidades cuenten con personal suficiente. Los proveedores médicos también deben revisar sus horarios.
  • Después, vaya al enlace que le corresponda (abajo) para completar un breve formulario de preselección y recibir instrucciones para programar la vacuna.

Si usted únicamente trabaja en un área de menor riesgo, por favor, posponga la programación de su cita para vacunarse, para garantizar que podamos vacunar primero a todo nuestro personal de atención de salud que trabaja con pacientes de COVID o con alto riesgo de contacto con pacientes de COVID-19