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Research at UNC Children's

Individual Faculty Development Plans

In 2010 the PAS/APA produced a guideline document outlining the elements of an individual faculty development plan. This information may be useful for faculty in their own planning, or in preparation for meetings with their Mentoring Committee.

Format Your CV

The CV format requirements for the UNC School of Medicine have changed as of May 2014. The updated CV policy can be viewed here. While several things are different, the main changes are to specify sections for newer forms of scholarship and the addition of separate sections for teaching, research, and service and engagement statements in place of the reflective statement.

Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMC offers a broad range of professional development opportunities catering to the learning needs of academic medicine professionals in all stages of their careers. Learn more >>

SPR Junior Section

The Socitey for Pediatric Research announces a Junior Membership section or potential interest for fellows and junior faculty. Applications are brief and reviewed on an ongoing basis. All Junior SPR Members have access to:

  • SPR resources for pediatric research, mentoring contacts and special sessions at PAS focusing on the needs of Junior members
  • New mentoring opportunities at PAS
  • Opportunities to collaborate with senior SPR members
  • Opportunities to shape SPR initiatives and programs by joining SPR committees
  • Advocacy opportunities that support current and future child health research
  • Networking opportunities with multidisciplinary researchers in child health
  • Learn more and apply to the SPR Junior Section

Writing Help

Department of Pediatrics Faculty can obtain advice regarding writing style and technique or have manuscripts and grant proposals reviewed for feedback upon request. Please contact Sue Tolleson-Rinehart for further details.


UNC Faculty Physicians has developed a new website for the Faculty Services Office to help you find information about supplemental benefits including details about benefits, claims filing instructions, forms, insurance certificates as well as an FAQ, news, and our contact information.

Access is restricted to members of UNC Faculty Physicians. Please note, this website does not have information for patients.

Please use your Onyen to log in to the site here.

If you experience trouble logging in please contact .

If you do not have an Onyen, or need to reset your password, please visit the UNC Onyen website.

Retirement Planning

Please visit this page (Onyen required) to view a presentation on retirement planning.