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Faculty mentoring at UNC Children's

Faculty Mentoring Committee

The faculty member and the Division Chief will propose committee members by submitting to the Mentoring Program Coordinator 3-5 names of individuals from both the Department of Pediatrics and other appropriate departments. Faculty will begin assembling their Committees as they begin their appointment in the Department, under the approval of the Department Chair. The composition of committees may change over time, reflecting change and evolution in scholarly interests. The Department Faculty Development Advisory Committee is also available to serve as a resource for identifying appropriate committee members. The creation of a Mentoring Committee is one of the early and important opportunities to take charge of one’s career, as is the initiative with which one makes use of the Committee.

Ideally, at least one individual from outside of Pediatrics will be included on each committee. Among identified committee candidates, one person (typically the primary mentor) will serve as chair of the committee. The Department Chair and/or the Mentoring Program Coordinator will ask each of the committee candidates if they are willing to serve on the committee. Once at least three members have agreed to serve, they will receive information on committee composition, chair designation, goals of the program, and next steps.

Faculty Mentoring Committee Activity

  • The faculty member will meet with the entire mentoring committee a minimum of once annually (more often as needed).
  • One member of the committee will be designated as the primary mentor and will be responsible for meeting regularly with the faculty member. The frequency of these meetings will vary according to the faculty member’s needs and mission focus.
  • The faculty member will provide the mentoring group with both short-term and long-term goals on an annual basis. The committee will be expected to provide appropriate feedback (see attached form).

Download the mentoring committee report form.


Written Feedback

The faculty member will receive written feedback after each committee meeting. The faculty member should provide a copy of the report to the Division Chief and the Mentoring Program Coordinator. These reports will be requested each year (typically by October 1) and will serve as part of the documentation of faculty performance during annual faculty reviews.