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The examiner will adhere to the requirements and expectations of the CFEP as described in the current version of the Program Guidelines. These Guidelines as well as the fee schedule outlined in the Guidelines may be revised periodically. The following is a summary of reimbursable hours and fees for authorized evaluations conducted through the CFEP:

  • up to 15 total hours @ $100/hr. for one child in family;
  • up to 10 additional hours @ $100/hr. for the second and third child authorized for inclusion;
  • up to 6 additional  hours @ $100/hr. for all additional children in the family authorized for inclusion;
  • up to 10 additional hours @ $100/hr. can be requested for complex cases that require additional examiner time;
  • 1 hour @ $100/hr. for case conference at the completion of the evaluation (regardless of the number of children in the family being evaluated)  (Please note that discussions with CPS, L.E. and/or other professionals for the purpose of data collection during the evaluation process are not considered “case conference” time.  Rather, the case conference is to take place after the final report has been submitted for the purpose of presenting the evaluation findings and recommendations to CPS and other relevant professionals and possibly to the child’s parents.)

It is a North Carolina Division of Social Services requirement that billing must be completed within 2 months of the last date of service (typically the case conference).  Invoices received after this 2-month deadline or after the 1-year authorization period for the CFEP will be denied payment.

For child/family examiners submitting paperwork for reimbursement, the following forms are required:

  1. Examiner’s child/family evaluation report
  2. Examiner’s bill for services
  3. CFEP Case Conference Form, if applicable