Faculty Teaching Effectiveness


Welcome to The Teaching Center's "Documentation of Faculty Teaching Effectiveness." This section of the website contains both teaching modules and teaching evaluation forms.

  • Teaching Modules:
Each teaching module “clinical teaching, small group teaching, large group teaching and feedback” will take about 30 minutes to complete. The UNC Department of Pediatrics chair has asked that every UNC Pediatrics faculty member complete half of the teaching modules in this section every year. To receive credit for taking the module, the Pediatrics faculty member should enter the appropriate identifying number and then push the “Submit” button at the end of each module.

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  • Evaluation Forms:


Self-assessment forms. The faculty member might consider completing self-assessment forms after doing either clinical teaching, small group teaching or large-group teaching. These completed forms could be added to the faculty member's Teaching Porfolio.

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Peer evaluation forms. Forms are available for peer evaluation of clinical teaching, small group teaching, or large group teaching. Faculty members can request a consultation from their division chief, The Teaching Center or can ask other colleagues to observe his/her teaching and complete these forms. These forms can become part of each faculty member's Teaching Portfolio, and would satisfy both the RRC and the UNC Promotions Committee's recommendations that annual written documentation of teaching effectiveness be done for each faculty member.


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