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The Teaching Center first offered the course "Becoming an Effective Medical Educator" to fellows and chief residents in 2005-2006, and will continue to offer this course each year. The curriculum was adapted from The Teaching Scholars program at UNC. At the request of a number of faculty, the course will now invite interested faculty to attend any or all sessions in addition to fellows. The course consists of 8 two-hour sessions that occur once a month. Sessions are interactive and utilize many teaching strategies such as brainstorming, buzz groups and role play.

Topics included in the course: Clinical Teaching (office or clinical 1:1 teaching), Small Group Teaching, Large Group Teaching, Feedback, How to get a paper published, How to prepare a Teaching Portfolio, How to create a curriculum, How to use evidence-basis in educational scholarship, and How to assess learners. PowerPoint slides for many of these topics can be found at the bottom of this page.

Each fellow will be asked to develop an educational project and prepare either a poster or a manuscript for UNC’s annual Evening of Scholarship.

Powerpoint Slides on the Topics Above:

Clinical Teaching - Part 1 | Clinical Teaching - Part 2 | Small Group Teaching | Large Group Teaching | Feedback | Assessing Learners | Curriculum Development | Teaching Portfolio | Scholarship in Education

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