Office Teaching


Teaching in the clinic or in the office is an example of clinical teaching. If you are doing this kind of teaching, please refer to the powerpoint presentation. We have also included a summary of "Tips to Make Clinical Teaching More Efficient". These tips were prepared by Dr. Julie Byerley of The Teaching Center for use by medical student preceptors at UNC sites across the state of North Carolina.

Remember, in order to make clinical teaching effective, you need to

  • Set day 1 expectations,
  • Decide on teaching strategies,
  • Teach in small amounts,
  • Arrange to do feedback, and
  • Label your teaching.

Learners can teach each other, can learn from office personnel, and can be asked to give focused presentations. If this approach is taken, both teacher and learner will have a great experience and have fun!

Powerpoint Slides on Clinical Teaching - Part 1

Powerpoint Slides on Clinical Teaching - Part 2