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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic there have been changes in the Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic schedules. Most of the clinics are now “virtual”. One of the GI providers is assigned weekly for in person visits on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at the Blue Ridge clinic (801 Blue Ridge Road, 2nd Floor, Raleigh NC 27607). The number of in person visits can range from 1 – 7 per week.

For the GI electives the resident/student is expected to compile a schedule for the elective block.

In order to do that the following steps will be helpful:

  1. Look at the GI clinic schedule in EPIC.
  2. Choose a physician you wish to do clinic with remotely. We encourage you to include 4-5 providers for remote clinic during the block.
  3. Please choose from the following providers for remote clinic. Check UNC and Blue Ridge Templates.
    Sabina Mir (last Thursday of the month in person clinic in Chapel Hill)
    Francisco Sylvester
    Ajay Gulati
    Matthew Egberg
    Vivek Shenoy (second Tuesday of the month in person clinic in Chapel Hill)
  4. Please email Dr. Rose Marcus ( to join the functional GI clinic once during the elective rotation.
  5. Choose a half day to observe procedures. Procedure room is on second floor of Children’s Hospital (PPE will be provided). Procedures are scheduled Monday-Thursday and Friday. Check on EPIC snapboard for procedures.
  6. For Blue Ridge in person clinic please make sure you are logged on to the clinic schedule for Blue Ridge.
  7. Spend one day at UNC Children’s Blue Ridge clinic with the multidisciplinary feeding team. Please contact Kristen Cole NP (Director of Feeding Team) to schedule a day. Email:
  8. The learner is responsible to contact the assigned provide the day before clinic.

Please email the schedule 4-5 days before the start of the rotation) to Dr. Sabina Mir ( to finalize it.

For any questions please contact Dr. Mir.