Dr. Sofia Aliaga (Critical Care) and Dr. Ashley Sutton (Hospitalist)

Goal of Pathway
To provide individualized opportunities for residents who wish to prepare themselves or are interested in a career as a hospitalist, pediatric/neonatal intensive care specialist, or emergency room physician. This track may also benefit those residents interested in procedure-focused sub-specialties, such as: cardiology, anesthesia, etc.

Pathway directors will facilitate identifying mentors/advisors for scholarly activity, career development, and job/fellowship applications.

Required Inpatient/Intensive Care Experiences (at least 3)

Rotations of Resident Choice (3)


  • Anesthesiology/Sedation
  • Palliative Care
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Research Month
  • Away Rotation
  • Additional Subspecialty Rotation

Additional Activities/Resources

  • Simulation activities for procedural training and resuscitation/critical thinking skills
  • Interest groups (hospitalist, NICU/PICU): career development discussions, day-to-day life of an intensivist/hospitalist