Rotation Contacts

Anesthesiology Residency Coordinator – Elizabeth Aguero (

Anesthesiology Chief Resident – Benjamin Judd, MD (

Rotation Director – Concetta Lupa, MD

First Day Information

You will be emailed with information prior to the start of your rotation.

Bring this form with you everyday on the rotation.

Goals & Objectives

Overall Educational Goal:

This elective is designed to provide residents with experience in obtaining vascular access and in assessing and managing a pediatric airway and cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory monitoring in both operative and code situations. As a result of the rotation, residents should be competent in providing initial management of pediatric emergencies. Also, a basic understanding of anesthesia concepts, specifically related to pain control, fluid management, and ventilator management will be introduced. Finally, the importance of a preoperative evaluation will be highlighted, including physical findings specific to the development of a patient-specific anesthetic plan.


Develop improved skills in providing intravenous access to infants and children. (PC)

Develop proficiency in providing bag-valve-mask ventilation for infants and children. (PC)

Learn basic principles concerning commonly used medications for intubations and pain control. Including benefits, action, side effects. (PC, MK)

Develop proficiency in intubation of infants and children. (PC)

Understand basic concepts concerning monitoring of patient intraoperatively. (MK)

Learn the basic principles of assessing the pediatric airway in a variety of situations including removal of a patient from a ventilator, extubating a patient, and managing the patient with a tracheotomy tube. MK)