Rotation Contact:

Rotation Director – Lynn Fordham, MD (

First Day Information:

On your first day, please report to the Pediatric Radiology Reading Room in the basement of the Children’s Hospital at 8:30am.

Goals and Objectives:

The goal of the pediatric radiology rotation for the pediatric residents is to develop an understanding of the basic concepts involved in pediatric diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures, including indications, contraindications and the appropriate protocols.

Observe the commonly used diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures and evaluate pros and cons for the various imaging options that are available. (MK,PBL)

Describe the basic radiographic findings of common pediatric disorders. (MK, PBL)

Correlate pathophysiology with typical radiographic findings seen in common
pediatric diseases. (MK, PBL)

Resident performance is evaluated by direct faculty assessment of the resident’s participation in clinical activities, and gained knowledge of pediatric radiology. Additionally, evaluation will reflect the quality of the resident’s teaching file case submitted.

The dominant experience will be obtained at the PACs station and the view box by reviewing the imaging studies independently and with a pediatric radiologist. Additionally, the residents will participate and observe the different imaging and interventional modalities and examinations. The rotation can be tailored to meet individual resident learning objectives. Additional learning resources are available as needed to meet individual learning objectives.

Residents will participate in individual learning activities by reviewing the section teaching file, preparing a teaching file case of an interesting study/finding, and participate in pediatric radiology conferences including radiology resident’s conference, pediatric pulmonary/infectious disease/radiology conference, pediatric surgery/radiology/pathology conference, perinatology conference, pediatric resident radiology conference, and pediatric urology/radiology conferences.

A rotation syllabus is available for the resident’s review in the pediatric reading room.