Rotation Contact

Leonard Stein, MD ( and Eve Wu, MD (

First Day Information

Page Dr. Stein the day before your start date for meeting time and location.

Goals and Objectives

This rotation includes a variety of inflammatory, non-inflammatory, congenital, and developmental diseases affecting the musculoskeletal and immunologic systems and other organ systems of children. The purpose of the elective is to train residents to be more accomplished in the recognition, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of the most common pediatric disorders in these fields.


  • Demonstrate competence in performing a musculoskeletal examination at various stages of physical development. (MK, PC)
  • Demonstrate competence in recognition, diagnosis, initial management, and referral of common rheumatologic diseases and presentations in childhood. Examples include: Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; dermatomyositis; systemic lupus erythematosus; Kawasaki disease. (MK, PC)
  • Describe the pediatrician’s role in prevention of rheumatologic diseases of childhood, and in identifying resource information for families of children with rheumatologic disorders. (MK, I&CS)
  • Demonstrate competence in understanding and selection of diagnostic tests commonly used for evaluation of rheumatologic diseases of childhood. (MK, PC)
  • Describe the role of the rheumatologic health care team (i.e. office nurse, physical therapist. (SBP)

The activities include rheumatology clinics each week and inpatient consultations.

The resident is provided with a number of different learning activities.

  • The main learning activity is the outpatient clinical experience offered through the Rheumatology Clinic at UNC.
  • Residents also have the opportunity to learn and interact with faculty during inpatient consultation rounds.
  • At the beginning of the rotation, residents receive a packet which provides them with selective reading materials.
  • The resident has the opportunity to utilize computer-based Rheumatology Teaching units and multimedia case presentations.