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Program Leadership

Program Director:
Jen Fuchs, MD
Jennifer Fuchs is a pediatric hospitalist at UNC Children’s Hospital, where she is the director of Faculty Development and Education for the Pediatric Hospital Medicine at UNC Children's Hospital and the program director of the PHM fellowship. She completed pediatric residency in 2014 and graduated from PHM fellowship in 2016 from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital. On the national level, she has served as a graduated fellow mentor at the PHM fellowship conference and runs the national website for PHM ( She has presented various workshops at the PHM conference, including fellowship specific lectures regarding wellness, core faculty, interviewing applicants, and fellowship autonomy and mentorship. Dr. Fuchs' primary interests include high value care, faculty development, resident education in the area of child maltreatment, and promoting quality improvement education in trainees. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors on the water or hiking, listening to her musician husband perform, baking, travel (when that was still possible), and spending time with her two dogs.
Assistant Program Director and Division Chief:
Lindsay Chase, MD
Lindsay Chase is the director of inpatient services, medical director of children's short stay unit, and the division chief of Hospital Pediatrics at UNC Children's Hospital, where she also serves as the associate program director of the PHM fellowship. She completed a PHM Fellowship at Emory and has previously served as the medical director for inpatient services and program director for the PHM Fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital. Nationally, she serves as the medical editor for the American Board of Pediatrics Hospital Medicine Sub board and was a member of the AAP Section of Hospital Medicine Executive committee from 2016-2019 and the former webmaster and founder of the SOHM library. She has won numerous resident and fellow teaching awards both at Texas Children's and UNC Children's Hospitals. Dr. Chase's primary interests include diagnosis of undifferentiated patients, high value care and optimization of use of limited resources, thinking about thinking, and cuddling babies in the newborn nursery. In her free time, she enjoys dominating her two children at board games, cuddling with her two dogs, and enjoying takeout from all of the great Chapel Hill restaurants.

Division Faculty by Location

Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) at the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital is a group of 28 pediatricians or combined medicine-pediatrics trained physicians with an interest in the care of hospitalized children. Our group is composed of faculty physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse coordinators, and other health professionals who strive to ensure the delivery of high quality, efficient, and safe care. We provide 24-7 in-house coverage for pediatric inpatients and infants in the Newborn Nursery, co-management of many surgical patients as well as pediatric consultations for children in the hospital on specialty or surgical services and overnight coverage for the Bone Marrow Transplant service.

Academics and teaching are integral parts of the program. The pediatric hospitalists are members of the core teaching staff for UNC medical students, residents, and fellows. In fact, the Designated Institutional Official (DIO), Pediatrician-in-Chief of the hospital, Director of Inpatient Services, Associate Pediatric Residency Program Director, Med-Peds Residency Program Director, and Director of Student Education in Pediatrics are all faculty members of our division. Close connections with our sister sections (such as outpatient Pediatrics, Newborn Medicine and Child Maltreatment), allow us to all learn from each other and optimize the system to produce the best outcomes possible for our patients.

Hospital Pediatrics Faculty, UNC Children’s Hospital:

  • Lindsay Chase, Division Chief, Director of Inpatient Services
  • Sarah Adams ¥
  • Kathleen Bradford
  • Julie Byerley, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs for SOM; Vice Chair of Education
  • Andrew Campbell*¥
  • Ashmita Chatterjee*
  • Hannah Coletti*
  • Michael Contarino,* Program Director for Medicine-Pediatrics Residency
  • Ria Dancel*
  • Jennifer Fuchs, Program Director for Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship
  • Jessica Guidici*¥
  • Wade Harrison
  • Jonathan Heath*
  • Richard Hobbs,* Director of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics
  • Christian Lawrence
  • Allen Liles*
  • William Kwan*
  • Kenya McNeal-Trice, Chief Graduate Medical Education Officer/Designated Institutional Official; Sr. Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education; Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Pediatrics; Pediatric Residency Program Director
  • Virginia Moyer
  • William Rearick*
  • Carl Seashore
  • Michael Steiner, Chief of the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, pediatrician in chief of UNC Children’s Hospitals
  • John Stephens*
  • Ashley Sutton, Director of Quality, Patient Safety and Flow
  • Alison Sweeney, Director of the Newborn Nursery
  • Erin Finn*¥
  • Steve Weinberg
  • Christine Williams*
  • Eric Zwemer, Associate Program Director of Pediatrics Residency

*Denotes practicing in medicine and pediatrics

¥ Denotes primarily night attending

Hospital Pediatrics Faculty, UNC Rex Campus:

  • Emilee Lewis, Medical Director of Hospital Pediatrics and Chair of Pediatrics at Rex
  • Marshall Alex Ahearn
  • Virginia Crowder
  • Erin Reade
  • Marsha Russell