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Curricular Enhancement Communities (CECs) were created to enhance curriculum in areas that, regardless of career interest, all residents should be well-versed.  Our four CECs are:

  • Advocacy
  • Research and Quality Improvement
  • Scholarship
  • Global Health and Underserved Populations

CEC sessions are held each month, and residents are invited to participate in any and all sessions.  Times of sessions vary; some are held during work hours and others in the evenings.  And just what do we do in our CEC sessions?  We’re glad you asked!  Our 2018-2019 sessions included:


Habitat for Humanity build
White Coat Wednesday
Monthly seminars

Medical Education

Using games as a tool
Academy of Educators sessions


Research and QI

Navigating a career in research
CRI lecture series 
Day of Scholarship lecture

Global Health and Underserved Populations

Doctors Without Borders discussion
Simulation sessions specific to practicing abroad
Monthly OIA Global Health Forums
Global health panel discussion