Old Well


To produce compassionate and scholarly physicians who will become leaders in their chosen field. At the completion of residency our graduates will be superbly prepared to begin a career as a generalist or to pursue further training as a sub-specialist.


  • To provide a comprehensive, well-integrated training experience in internal medicine and pediatrics
  • To provide a combined Med-Peds continuity clinic experience where residents serve as the primary physician for a panel of pediatric and adult patients over the course of their training
  • To foster compassionate delivery of health care and to offer opportunities to work with underserved populations both locally and internationally
  • To provide a collegial environment where residents feel supported, especially as related to their unique individual goals
  • To promote an atmosphere of scholarly inquiry where residents participate in quality improvement and research projects
  • To promote Med-Peds faculty development and to support the mentoring of Med-Peds residents