Residency applicants will complete a 2-day interview:

  • The first day (Thursday) will be with the Department of Anesthesia
  • The second day (Friday) will be with the Department of Pediatrics

The night prior to each interview day, each department hosts a dinner for interviewees and current residents. Attendance is not required, but these dinners are a lot of fun and are highly recommended in order for applicants to get to know each department.

At the close of the Anesthesia interview day, there will be an opportunity for applicants to grab coffee with the current combined program residents and ask questions specific to the program. The current residents will also provide some informal highlights and nuts and bolts for applicants and will share their perspectives on why the combined program was a great fit for them.

Interview days for the 2017-2018 recruitment season:

  • November 9-10
  • December 7-8
  • December 14-15
  • January 11-12

Hotel Accommodations:

The Department of Anesthesia provides one night stay at the Carolina Inn. Applicants are welcome to pay for the second night or can arrange other accommodations.