This is a sample schedule and is subject to change based on coverage needs within each department and the resident’s personal preferences. As with most programs, there is an increasing amount of flexibility as the resident advances through each year of training.

PGY-1: Pediatrics Year

UNC Ward UNC Ward Wake Ward ED ED Anes Elective NICU NICU NBN Subspecialty Subspecialty Subspecialty

Pediatrics Continuity Clinic: Two 1/2 days per month
Anesthesiology: One day per month; typically Wednesdays to allow for Grand Rounds attendance
USMLE Step 3: Should be taken during an ED or Subspecialty month; must be completed before starting CA-1 year

PGY-2: Clinical Anesthesiology Year

General OR General OR General OR General OR Vascular SICU OB Regional Pain
Peds Anes Outpatient Surgery Neuro Thoracic

Pediatrics Continuity Clinic: One day/month, Thursdays to allow for attendance at Grand Rounds
Anesthesiology Basic Exam Curriculum: One morning per week
ASA Basic Exam: June

PGY-3 thru PGY-5: Pediatrics and Anesthesiology, alternating three month blocks

Three Months Pediatrics Three Months Anesthesiology Three Months Pediatrics Three Months Anesthesiology
3 PICU ED Subspecialty General OR Chronic Pain OB Hem/Onc Pulmonary Inpatient Adolescent Cardiac Neuro PACU/Precare
4 NICU Wake Ward Subspecialty General OR Acute Pain Peds Anes Behavior UNC Ward Individualized Month PACU/Precare Outpatient Surgery Elective
5 PICU Cone Clinic Jeopardy General OR Peds Pain Cardiac UNC Ward Subspecialty Individualized Month Elective Elective Elective

Pediatrics Continuity Clinic: Pediatric clinic one day/month while on anesthesia rotations
Anesthesiology: One day per month while on pediatric rotations; typically Wednesdays to allow for Grand Rounds attendance
Quality Improvement project to be completed during PGY3 & PGY4 years; will present at Transition to Practice Symposium in April of PGY4 year

Throughout Training:

  • Semi-annual program evaluation meetings with program directors, coordinators and residents – typically April & October
  • Pediatrics ITE, yearly in July
  • Anesthesiology ITE, yearly in February
  • Vacations: 3 weeks per year, plus 5 days off at either Christmas or New Year’s

Program Requirements as Specified by the ABP & ABA in Conjunction with the ACGME

Pediatrics Anesthesiology
5 months of inpatient rotations
4 months of supervisory experience
2 months PICU
3 months NICU
7 months subspecialty rotations
1 month of adolescent medicine
1 month of behavioral/developmental pediatrics
4 months of ER and acute care illness
1 month of normal newborn.
40% of pediatric time is in ambulatory settings
Max 6 months of intensive care experiences in pediatrics
2 months obstetric anesthesia
2 months pediatric anesthesia (minimum)
2 months neuroanesthesia
2 months cardiothoracic anesthesia
1 month of adult intensive care
3 months of pain medicine
1 month each of acute, chronic & regional
1 month in a preoperative evaluation clinic
1/2 month in a post anesthesia care unit