Here you will find an expanding library of narrated POCUS lectures. If you are interested in advancing your POCUS skills consider taking a course:

Module 1: Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound

Module 2: Instrumentation/Knobology

Module 3: Physics

Module 4: FAST Exam (Trauma)

Module 5: IVC

Module 6a: Basic Cardiac Ultrasound (Cardiac Mode)

Module 6b: Basic Cardiac Ultrasound (Abdominal Mode)

Basic Cardiac Ultrasound Probe Positioning Cheat Sheet

Module 7: The RUSH Exam (Rapid Ultrasound in Shock & Hypotension)

Module 8: Ultrasound-guided Vascular Access

Module 9: Pulmonary Ultrasound

Module 10: Practical Pediatric POCUS

Module 11: Pediatric Soft Tissue and MSK