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Food Allergy and Your Kiddo Podcast: Can SLIT induce remission in young kiddos with food allergies? (December 2023, Food Allergy and Your Kiddo)
Key Findings on Oral Immunotherapy ADP101 (November 2023, HCPLive)
Antibodies to Cow’s Milk Linked to Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Death (November 2023, UNC Health News)
Sublingual immunotherapy safely, effectively induces peanut allergy remission in toddlers (October 2023, Healio)
For Toddlers Allergic to Peanuts, a Tiny Bit of Protein Therapy Under the Tongue Could Be the Best Approach (October 2023, UNC Health News)
Sublingual Immunotherapy May Result in Desensitization and Remission for Peanut-Allergic Children (October 2023, AAAAI)
Thoughts on Intranasal Epinephrine Spray as an Alternative to EpiPen (September 2023, HCPLive)
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Novel Peanut Allergy Treatment Shown to be Safe, Effective, and Lasting (February 2023, UNC Health News)
Dealing with Dangerous Food Allergies (February 2023, The People’s Pharmacy)



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Peanut sublingual immunotherapy shows promise in toddlers (March 2021,
Study: Peanut Allergy Drops Safe, Effective for Toddlers (March 2021, WebMD)
Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy Feasible and Effective in Toddlers (February 2021, Medscape)
New Study Gives Hope to Toddlers with a Peanut Allergy (TLCme)
Sublingual Immunotherapy May Provide Peanut Allergy Desensitization in Toddlers (February 2021, HCPLive)
Strong Results for SLIT Therapy Seen in Peanut-Allergic Toddlers (February 2021, Allergic Living)
Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy Provides Desensitization to Peanut in Toddlers (February 2021, UNC Health News)
Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy Provides Desensitization to Peanut in Toddlers (February 2021, AAAAI)



“Boundless Opportunities” for Food Allergy Research (December 2019, UNC Health Foundation)
The emotional toll of food allergies (October 2019, WRAL)
UNC allergists are working to improve the lives of those impacted by allergies (October 2019, The Daily Tar Heel)
A father-physician tests if a little peanut a day keeps allergy away (October 2019, AP News)
New Peanut Allergy Treatment Passes Phase 2 Trial, Shows Effectiveness and Safety (September 2019,
UNC doctor working on peanut allergy treatment to help kids like his son (September 2019, WRAL)
Peanut Protein Drops may Improve Tolerance (September 2019, The Medical Republic)
Peanut sublingual immunotherapy safe, effective for kids (September 2019,
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Long-term sublingual peanut immunotherapy offers significant protection against allergic reactions (September 2019,
Sublingual Immunotherapy Safe, Effective For Peanut Allergy (September 2019, Medscape)
A New Defense Against Allergic Reactions to Peanuts (September 2019, Bloomberg)
Hope for people with peanut allergies as study finds liquid drops of the nut’s protein under the tongue builds up resistance against the common allergen (September 2019, The DailyMail)
Liquid mouth drops could one day protect people from peanut allergies (September 2019, Science News)
Eating small amounts of peanut after immunotherapy may extend allergy treatment benefits (February 2019, EurekAlert!)
Immunotherapy for Egg Allergy May Allow Patients to Eat Egg Safely for Years after Treatment (February 2019, Newswise)

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