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First Visit (Screening Visit)

  • This is the first time you’ll meet the study team in-person!
  • Signing consent forms, gathering vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure, temperature), collecting health history, performing physical exams, allergy skin testing, lung function testing, and a blood draw are typically the events associated with the first visit.
  • The study team will provide any special instructions and directions to the clinic in advance of your visit.

Lauren Herlihy ,RN, MSN, CPNP in clinic with a patient and the patient's fatherOral Food Challenge Visit

  • Oral food challenges are a way to test how much of a certain food a participant can eat before showing signs of an allergic reaction.
  • The participant will usually have anywhere from 1-10 doses during a food challenge. The doses start super small, and only participants who are tolerating the small doses will be given larger doses.
  • These visits typically last between 3-7 hours in length.
  • For most of the day, participants can still play and interact normally during a food challenge visit (watch TV, do school-work, color, play games)
  • While these visits can make parents and participants anxious, the study team has extensive experience in conducting food challenges and treating patients when they have allergic reactions. We have emergency medications available and are able to remain in the research unit until it’s safe for discharge.

Dosing Visit

  • A dosing visit is when a participant comes to the research unit to receive his/her study drug.
  • Different studies use different types of study drugs. The research team will talk to you about what is entailed with your/your child’s specific visits.
  • These visits are usually shorter in length, from 1-3 hours and occur most often every two weeks.


Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC) Space

We have several age-appropriate locations for study visits, and while some have a larger play area for young children, all locations have either a curtain or door for the privacy of the participant and family.

Procedural Care Suite in CTRC
Patient room for study visits
CTRC Waiting Room