Phone System Upgrade

Information about the changes to the Women & Children's Hospitals phone systems

Please note that the hospital phone numbers are changing.  This is a house-wide initiative that is due to be completed by early 2015.  To date, the Cancer Hospital, the Women’s Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital have been converted to the new phone numbers. 

All of the old numbers will still be active for 30 days, so you can call either the new number or the old number.  For the next 6 months, if you call the old number you will receive a message informing you that the number has been changed and give you the new number. 

In addition to the numbers changing, you will now need to dial “9” instead of “7” to get an outside line.

There is no longer a need for individual PINs.  Most phones are no longer blocked for long distance; however, if the phone asks for a PIN, it is 264440 for the Chapel Hill location and 264550 for Raleigh location.

Please click here for a Cisco IP Phone user guide, and here for voicemail instructions.

Clinic Numbers