Multidisciplinary Clinic with Hematology and Gynecology Care for Women and Girls

“The Harold R. Roberts Hemophilia Treatment Center at the University of North Carolina will be offering a multidisciplinary clinic with hematology and gynecology care for women and girls with blood disorders.

Women and girls with heavy menstrual bleeding have unique health needs that frequently require care from providers in more than one field. We offer a clinic where patients can have their medical and gynecological needs met in a comprehensive fashion at a single visit. The clinic is affiliated with the Foundation for Women and Girls with Blood Disorders whose vision is to ensure that “all women and adolescent girls with blood disorders are correctly diagnosed and optimally treated and managed at every life stage”.

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- Comprehensive care for women and girls with blood disorders

- Screening, evaluation, education, counseling and treatment


Conditions we treat:

- heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding

- known or suspicious bleeding and clotting disorders

- iron deficiency anemia


The clinic is offered on the second Thursday morning of each month from 8 am to 12 pm at our Carolina Pointe II location.  It is staffed by both pediatric and adult hematology and gynecology specializing in the care of women and girls with blood disorders as well as gynecology in medically complex females.


Meet the team:


               Yasmina Abajas, MD- Pediatric Hematology

               Alice Ma, MD- Adult Hematology

               Jennifer Howell, MD- Gynecology

               Amanda O’Briant, CNM, WHNP- Gynecology

               Amanda Gilmore, BSN- Nurse educator


For internal referrals, may refer to UNC Benign Hematology. In comment box, please specify “Women and Girls”.

For external referrals, please call the Carolina Pointe II at 984-974-2695 or use UNC referral portal.


Our address: Carolina Pointe II, 6013 Farrington Road, Suite 200, Chapel Hill, NC 27514”