Metabolic Appointments

Dr. Muenzer and patient
Dr. Joseph Muenzer

If you are referred to the Metabolism clinic for a condition that involves dietary management, you will receive a mailing before your appointment that includes information about diet records. Please complete this paperwork as indicated and bring it with you to your appointment. Having these records available at your appointment will allow for necessary dietary changes to be made on a more timely basis, and will help our dietitians and physicians provide the best care for you and your family.  Upon arrival for an appointment in the Metabolism Clinic, you will meet with a dietitian to discuss dietary management, recent medical history, and questions or concerns. These issues will be addressed with your biochemical geneticist (physician), who will meet with you following a discussion with the dietitian. If you are referred to the clinic and do not have dietary concerns, you will meet with a genetic counselor prior to seeing the physician.