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The PGC Data Receiving Committee (DRC) includes representatives from each workgroup, stage 1 and stage 2 analysts, an administrative assistant, three co-chairs, and ex-officio member, Dr. Patrick Sullivan. The goal of the DRC is to develop and maintain simple and efficient procedures for PGC investigators to contribute data to the PGC. The DRC facilitates transfer of data from the data owner to the PGC LISA server, performs QC of the data, and ensures that any relevant permissions the data owner requires for sharing of data with PGC members are conveyed to the Data Access Committee (DAC).

Data Receiving Committee Chairs

Working Group Representatives and Analysts

Except as otherwise noted, all email addresses end with

Phenotype Group Working Group Representative Email Address
ADHD Tetyana Zayats pgc.drc.adhd
ANX Manuel Mattheisen, Kirstin Purves, John M. Hettema pgc.drc.anx
ASD Caitlin Carey pgc.drc.asd
BIP Niamh Mullins, Kevin O’Connell pgc.drc.bip
ED Jonathan Coleman
MDD Fabian Streit pgc.drc.mdd
OCD Nora Strom pgc.drc.ocd
PTSD Nikolaos Daskalakis pgc.drc.ptsd
SCZ Charlotte Dennison, Sophie Legge pgc.drc.scz
SUD Emma Johnson pgc.drc.sud
TS Dongmei Yu pgc.drc.ts


Phenotype Group Stage 1 Analyst Email Address
ADHD Daniel Howrigan pgc.stage1.adhd
ANX Manuel Mattheisen pgca1anx
ASD Daniel Howrigan pgc.stage1.asd
BIP Niamh Mullins pgca1bip
ED Jonathan Coleman pgc.stage1.ed
MDD Swapnil Awasthi pgc.stage1.mdd
OCD Nora Strom pgca1ocd
PTSD Adam Maihofer pgc.stage1.ptsd
SCZ Vasa Trubetskoy pgc.stage1.scz
SUD Daniel Howrigan pgc.stage1.sud
TS Dongmei Yu pgc.stage1.ts


Phenotype Group Stage 2 Analyst(s) Email Address
ADHD Raymond Walters, Yorgos Athanasiadis, Ditte Demontis pgc.stage2.adhd
ANX Manuel Mattheisen, Kirsten Purves, Silviu Bacanu pgca2anx
ASD Caitlin Carey, Jakob Grove pgc.stage2.asd
BIP Niamh Mullins, Kevin O’Connell pgca2bip
ED Zeynep Yilmaz, Hunna Watson pgc.stage2.ed
MDD Mark Adams pgc.stage2.mdd
OCD Nora Strom pgca2ocd
PTSD Adam Maihofer pgca2ptsd
SCZ Stephan Ripke, Vassily Trubetskoy pgc.stage2.scz
SUD Emma Johnson, Renato Polimanti, Dongbing Lai pgc.stage2.sud
TS Dongmei Yu pgc.stage2.ts