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Howard Edenberg, PhD

Howard Edenberg, PhD, is Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Medical and Molecular Genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He has been a leader in the Collaborative Study on the Genomics of Alcoholism since its inception and is currently one of the PIs of that project, and has also been involved as one of the leaders of the Bipolar Genome Study. He also directs the Center for Medical Genomics at Indiana University School of Medicine.

His research focuses on the genetics and genomics of alcoholism, bipolar disorder and other complex diseases, and spans interrelated areas that extend from genome-wide searches for genes affecting the risk for disease to molecular studies of the mechanisms by which associated variants affect gene expression, and from studies of the regulation of individual genes to genome-wide studies of expression using microarrays and now RNAseq. In parallel with genetic studies, he examines global gene expression in rodent models of alcoholism using next-generation RNA sequencing and in studies of post-mortem brains and cell lines derived from alcoholics and controls.

Dr. Edenburg is co-chair to the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) group, he participates in the Bipolar Disorder (BIP) group and the Cross-Disorders (CD) group.