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Naomi Wray, PhD

Naomi Wray, PhD, is Professor at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) of the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) and she is an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Principal Research Fellow. She is co-director of the Centre for Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics within QBI, an analytical hub of > 20 post-doctoral researchers working on complex trait genomics . Her early training was in theoretical quantitative genetics and she uses these tools to interpret empirical results from studies in psychiatric genetics and has a particular interest in risk prediction. She has contributed to analyses conducted by many working groups of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (MDD, SZ, CDG, ADHD, TS/OCD, BP/SZ) and leads data collection studies in MDD and autism spectrum disorders. She is Associate Editor for the journals JAMA Psychiatry and Genetics.