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Dr. Ripke has had an interest in statistical genetics since the early days of his medical training. His rare combination of strong computational and statistical background with medical/clinical training allows him to execute all necessary steps of GWAS analysis (QC, imputation, meta-analysis, PCA, etc.) and draw medical/clinical conclusions from the results. During recent years, leading most statistical analyses of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium – the biggest collaborative experiment in psychiatric genetics – he developed a strong sense for future requirements in order to continue the successful path of recent years. It is his conviction that collecting new psychiatric individuals and healthy, matched controls with the possibility to recontact is one of the most valuable contributions to further progress in psychiatric research.

While keeping his central position at the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, he recently moved to Berlin, leading the “Laboratory for Statistical Genetics” within the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Charite.