The PGC has made the full results from all published PGC studies available for download. If you download these data, you and your immediate collaborators (“investigators”) acknowledge and agree to all of the following conditions:

  1. These data are provided on an “AS-IS” basis, without warranty of any type, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty as to their performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose;
  2. Investigators will use these results for scientific research and educational use only;
  3. Downloaded PGC results can be shared among collaborators but the reposting or public distribution of PGC results files is prohibited;
  4. Investigators certify that they are in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws or regulations and institutional policies regarding human subjects and genetics research;
  5. Investigators will cite the appropriate PGC publication(s) in any communications or publications arising directly or indirectly from these data;
  6. For utilization of data available prior to publication, investigators will respect the requested responsibilities of resource users under 2003 Fort Lauderdale principles, which is detailed in the README file associated with the data set; and
  7. Investigators will never attempt to identify any participant.

Experience has taught us that the appropriate use of these data requires considerable attention to detail, prior experience, and technical skill. Errors are easy to make. If investigators use these data, any and all consequences are entirely their responsibility.

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Available Files & Resources

Disorder MD5 Checksum
East Asian (EAS) README
East Asian (EAS) Descent 211a46eb0d5b8642a47df4d131ec43f6
EAS + EUR 1d51aa63e00590cbfa1a8733e036a5db
EUR a280ca286af274da1ff80f9bd6e46a0b
EAS (autosome sumstats) 21c84236717621e3d466a741aa6c8404
EAS (ChrX sumstats) 4f02fc8933f7e9f797a038e240864b27
EAS+EUR (autosome sumstats) de98ee210a8f38ef68ca5277301d32b1
EAS+EUR (ChrX sumstats) becf80a8ea6294d6855207ef713c0cd7
SCZ1 a12136ad6c54d450793c63e30640b1a4
Sweden + SCZ1 c1816b9dffdbaca0d7fdbde8580c1f77
SCZ2 README 81bb9c1187f622356bd15c7ff73dd01d
Significant Regions e5f4c6e98dd574354c72bef9c2c4455f
Risk Score Training Set b67d19b738d61c216667f7ce372182e8
Full SNP Results af7b9b521a196ce711d99060426fe01e
Credible Causal SNPs 3ec34848def0fc6fd211fa6c1e8c6f88
49 EUR Samples 5d27c944799c69a48e2aebdc9b0e68a4

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