Anxiety Workgroup (ANX)

Workgroup Chairs: Jürgen Deckert, Thalia Eley, John Hettema

After an initial meeting of the chairs at the WCPG 2016 in Jerusalem, the PGC Anxiety Workgroup became part of the PGC in 2017, with a kick-off meeting during WCPG 2017 in Orlando. We will have our first data freeze by the end of 2018 the initial analyses will focus on presence/absence of any anxiety disorder.

We plan to conduct genome-wide association studies (GWAS) based on statistically powerful samples of patients with anxiety disorders and healthy individuals with data on anxiety measures. Our long-term objective is to provide further insight into the pathophysiology and neurobiological underpinnings of anxiety disorders through the identification of genetic risk variants, leading to the development of novel treatments or biomarkers.

Our analyses will include GWAS in (i) categorical case-control samples (panic disorder, agoraphobia, general anxiety disorder, social phobia and specific phobia) , (ii) population based samples with dimensional anxiety measures (e.g. ASI, ACQ, GAD-7), with (iii) a special focus on the development of anxiety disorders through life span in child and adolescent cohorts with available follow-up data.

We welcome anyone who is interested to join us. For further information please contact us on

Select Publications

The Common Genetic Architecture of Anxiety Disorders;


No ANX funders to report as this time. (updated 5/18/2017)