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2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31886626 pending American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Genome-wide association study of shared liability to anxiety disorders in Army STARRS.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31852892 PMC6920448 Nature communications Genetic correlations of psychiatric traits with body composition and glycemic traits are sex- and age-dependent.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31835028 pending Cell Genomic Relationships, Novel Loci, and Pleiotropic Mechanisms across Eight Psychiatric Disorders.
2019 grantAcknowledge 31768057 PMC6884695 Nature neuroscience Autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have a similar burden of rare protein-truncating variants.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31748690 pending Molecular psychiatry A major role for common genetic variation in anxiety disorders.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31740837 PMC6885121 Nature genetics Comparative genetic architectures of schizophrenia in East Asian and European populations.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31733098 pending Addiction biology Investigating causality between liability to ADHD and substance use, and liability to substance use and ADHD risk, using Mendelian randomization.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31636251 PMC6803671 Translational psychiatry Psychosocial moderation of polygenic risk for cannabis involvement: the role of trauma exposure and frequency of religious service attendance.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31628696 pending Bipolar disorders Childhood maltreatment and polygenic risk in bipolar disorders.
2019 grantAcknowledge 31628418 pending Molecular psychiatry Druggable genome in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and its co-morbid conditions. New avenues for treatment.
2019 Review-Perspective 31607513 pending Cell Genome-wide Association Studies in Ancestrally Diverse Populations: Opportunities, Methods, Pitfalls, and Recommendations.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31594949 PMC6783435 Nature communications International meta-analysis of PTSD genome-wide association studies identifies sex- and ancestry-specific genetic risk loci.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31591465 pending Molecular psychiatry Contributions of common genetic variants to risk of schizophrenia among individuals of African and Latino ancestry.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31576797 pending Psychological medicine Genetic stratification of depression by neuroticism: revisiting a diagnostic tradition.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31570195 pending Biological psychiatry Classical Human Leukocyte Antigen Alleles and C4 Haplotypes Are Not Significantly Associated With Depression.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31492941 pending Molecular psychiatry A polygenic resilience score moderates the genetic risk for schizophrenia.
2019 Review-Perspective 31464996 pending Psychiatric genetics The emerging pattern of shared polygenic architecture of psychiatric disorders, conceptual and methodological challenges.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31445336 pending Journal of affective disorders Investigating associations between genetic risk for bipolar disorder and cognitive functioning in childhood.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31393554 pending Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) RICOPILI: Rapid Imputation for COnsortias PIpeLIne.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31308545 PMC6779477 Nature genetics Genome-wide association study identifies eight risk loci and implicates metabo-psychiatric origins for anorexia nervosa.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31306407 PMC6658115 PLoS genetics A gene co-expression network-based analysis of multiple brain tissues reveals novel genes and molecular pathways underlying major depression.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31301758 PMC6776821 Biological psychiatry Associations Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Various Eating Disorders: A Swedish Nationwide Population Study Using Multiple Genetically Informative Approaches.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31268507 PMC6613304 JAMA psychiatry Association of Schizophrenia Risk With Disordered Niacin Metabolism in an Indian Genome-wide Association Study.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31211845 pending Human molecular genetics Cross-disorder analysis of schizophrenia and 19 immune-mediated diseases identifies shared genetic risk.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31206164 pending Schizophrenia bulletin The Relationship Between Polygenic Risk Scores and Cognition in Schizophrenia.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31186427 PMC6559955 Nature communications Integrated analysis of environmental and genetic influences on cord blood DNA methylation in new-borns.
2019 grantAcknowledge 31182215 PMC6764861 Biological psychiatry Patterns of Psychiatric Comorbidity and Genetic Correlations Provide New Insights Into Differences Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31164008 PMC6675659 The American journal of psychiatry GWAS of Suicide Attempt in Psychiatric Disorders and Association With Major Depression Polygenic Risk Scores.
2019 grantAcknowledge 31151762 PMC6919570 Biological psychiatry Genome-wide Association Study of Maximum Habitual Alcohol Intake in >140,000 U.S. European and African American Veterans Yields Novel Risk Loci.
2019 grantAcknowledge 31099175 PMC6726116 Genes, brain, and behavior Genome-wide association study identifies loci associated with liability to alcohol and drug dependence that is associated with variability in reward-related ventral striatum activity in African- and European-Americans.
2019 Review-Perspective 31056797 pending Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences Reconceptualizing anorexia nervosa.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 31050786 PMC6503495 JAMA network open Association of Economic Status and Educational Attainment With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Mendelian Randomization Study.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 31043756 pending Nature genetics Genome-wide association study identifies 30 loci associated with bipolar disorder.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30999091 pending Journal of affective disorders Post-traumatic stress following military deployment: Genetic associations and cross-disorder genetic correlations.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30994927 PMC6560626 Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research The Genetic Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Aspects of Problem Drinking in an Ascertained Sample.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30982473 pending Psychological medicine Prospective study of polygenic risk, protective factors, and incident depression following combat deployment in US Army soldiers.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30976114 PMC6777475 European journal of human genetics : EJHG Immunity and mental illness: findings from a Danish population-based immunogenetic study of seven psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.
2019 Review-Perspective 30946830 PMC6482287 Neuron Uncovering the Genetic Architecture of Major Depression.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30940813 PMC6445072 Nature communications Genome-wide association study of alcohol consumption and use disorder in 274,424 individuals from multiple populations.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30930738 PMC6425305 Frontiers in neuroscience Genetic Overlap Between Alzheimer”s Disease and Bipolar Disorder Implicates the MARK2 and VAC14 Genes.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30929657 PMC6565601 Psychological medicine Evidence of causal effect of major depression on alcohol dependence: findings from the psychiatric genomics consortium.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30911161 pending Nature genetics Gene expression imputation across multiple brain regions provides insights into schizophrenia risk.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30902966 PMC6430767 Translational psychiatry Concordance of genetic variation that increases risk for tourette syndrome and that influences its underlying neurocircuitry.
2019 Review-Perspective 30901538 PMC6432948 Cell Defining the Genetic, Genomic, Cellular, and Diagnostic Architectures of Psychiatric Disorders.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30877270 PMC6420656 Translational psychiatry Using genetic drug-target networks to develop new drug hypotheses for major depressive disorder.
2019 Review-Perspective 30852706 pending Current psychiatry reports Genetics of Alcoholism.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30845922 PMC6407257 BMC bioinformatics Probabilistic ancestry maps: a method to assess and visualize population substructures in genetics.
2019 Review-Perspective 30845820 PMC6548317 The American journal of psychiatry No Support for Historical Candidate Gene or Candidate Gene-by-Interaction Hypotheses for Major Depression Across Multiple Large Samples.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 30818990 PMC6677250 The American journal of psychiatry Interrogating the Genetic Determinants of Tourette”s Syndrome and Other Tic Disorders Through Genome-Wide Association Studies.
2019 Review-Perspective 30810405 pending International review of psychiatry (Abingdon, England) The international postpartum depression: action towards causes and treatment (PACT) consortium.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 30804558 PMC6454898 Nature genetics Identification of common genetic risk variants for autism spectrum disorder.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30801977 pending American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Population-based identity-by-descent mapping combined with exome sequencing to detect rare risk variants for schizophrenia.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30780065 pending Psychiatry research Are subsyndromal manifestations of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder morbid in children? A systematic qualitative review of the literature with meta-analysis.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30758064 PMC6476307 Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica Comorbidity of bipolar I disorder and conduct disorder: a familial risk analysis.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30756089 PMC6352921 Wellcome open research Genetic and environmental determinants of stressful life events and their overlap with depression and neuroticism.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 30718901 PMC6522363 Nature neuroscience Genome-wide meta-analysis of depression identifies 102 independent variants and highlights the importance of the prefrontal brain regions.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30718454 PMC6361928 Translational psychiatry Genome-wide by environment interaction studies of depressive symptoms and psychosocial stress in UK Biobank and Generation Scotland.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30708398 PMC6675638 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Quantifying between-cohort and between-sex genetic heterogeneity in major depressive disorder.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30699873 PMC6519055 Journal of affective disorders Concordance of genetic variation that increases risk for anxiety disorders and posttraumatic stress disorders and that influences their underlying neurocircuitry.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30698613 PMC6495355 JAMA psychiatry Association of Polygenic Liabilities for Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia With Risk for Depression in the Danish Population.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30697695 PMC6426667 Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica Investigating the causal relationship between neuroticism and depression via Mendelian randomization.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30686506 PMC6586545 Biological psychiatry Contribution of Rare Copy Number Variants to Bipolar Disorder Risk Is Limited to Schizoaffective Cases.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30679418 PMC6345874 Translational psychiatry Disentangling polygenic associations between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, educational attainment, literacy and language.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30673066 PMC6450288 JAMA psychiatry Assessment of Bidirectional Relationships Between Physical Activity and Depression Among Adults: A 2-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30659167 PMC6338746 Translational psychiatry A validation of the diathesis-stress model for depression in Generation Scotland.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 30617256 PMC6836675 Nature genetics Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new loci and functional pathways influencing Alzheimer”s disease risk.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30610198 pending Molecular psychiatry Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and lifetime cannabis use: genetic overlap and causality.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30610197 PMC6609490 Molecular psychiatry Genome-wide analysis reveals extensive genetic overlap between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and intelligence.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30593698 PMC6751355 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Genomics of body fat percentage may contribute to sex bias in anorexia nervosa.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30571770 PMC6301766 PloS one Genome-wide interaction study of a proxy for stress-sensitivity and its prediction of major depressive disorder.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30519816 PMC6647452 Molecular neurobiology Exploration of Shared Genetic Architecture Between Subcortical Brain Volumes and Anorexia Nervosa.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30507021 PMC6368636 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Evidence for increased genetic risk load for major depression in patients assigned to electroconvulsive therapy.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 30482948 PMC6430207 Nature neuroscience Transancestral GWAS of alcohol dependence reveals common genetic underpinnings with psychiatric disorders.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30480855 PMC6393204 Bipolar disorders The morbidity of subthreshold pediatric bipolar disorder: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis.
2019 PrimaryAnalysis 30478444 pending Nature genetics Discovery of the first genome-wide significant risk loci for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
2019 grantAcknowledge 30474892 PMC6411425 Addiction (Abingdon, England) Exploring the relationship between polygenic risk for cannabis use, peer cannabis use and the longitudinal course of cannabis involvement.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30456828 PMC6527502 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Sex differences in the genetic architecture of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
2019 Review-Perspective 30452941 PMC6431237 Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry Genomic updates in understanding PTSD.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30409266 PMC6354050 Biological psychiatry Erratum.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30392412 PMC6408268 The American journal of psychiatry Joint Contributions of Rare Copy Number Variants and Common SNPs to Risk for Schizophrenia.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30392411 PMC6461047 The American journal of psychiatry Schizophrenia Polygenic Risk Score as a Predictor of Antipsychotic Efficacy in First-Episode Psychosis.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30379966 PMC6209204 PloS one Exome sequencing in large, multiplex bipolar disorder families from Cuba.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30350223 PMC6209025 Current psychiatry reports Robust Findings From 25 Years of PTSD Genetics Research.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30336701 PMC6365681 The American journal of psychiatry Genome-Wide Association Study Meta-Analysis of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in Two Population-Based Cohorts.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30333497 PMC6193004 Translational psychiatry Extracting stability increases the SNP heritability of emotional problems in young people.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30325587 PMC6230304 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Genetic correlations among psychiatric and immune-related phenotypes based on genome-wide association data.
2018 Review-Perspective 30320893 PMC6286250 Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research Alcohol Dehydrogenases, Aldehyde Dehydrogenases, and Alcohol Use Disorders: A Critical Review.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30320231 PMC6175827 Communications biology Applying polygenic risk scoring for psychiatric disorders to a large family with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.
2018 Review-Perspective 30287268 PMC6338222 Contemporary clinical trials The Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI): Overview and methods.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30221610 PMC6421104 Psychological medicine Genetic influences on eight psychiatric disorders based on family data of 4 408 646 full and half-siblings, and genetic data of 333 748 cases and controls.
2019 SecondaryAnalysis 30197049 PMC6374980 Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging Association of Whole-Genome and NETRIN1 Signaling Pathway-Derived Polygenic Risk Scores for Major Depressive Disorder and White Matter Microstructure in the UK Biobank.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 30150663 PMC6386176 Nature neuroscience GWAS of lifetime cannabis use reveals new risk loci, genetic overlap with psychiatric traits, and a causal influence of schizophrenia.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30124570 pending The Journal of nervous and mental disease Are Adult ADHD Patients Good Informants of Their Symptoms? A Qualitative Literature Review of Concordance Between Clinician and Self-Report ADHD Symptoms.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 30087453 PMC6367065 Molecular psychiatry Examination of the shared genetic basis of anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30087329 PMC6081462 Nature communications Evaluation of chromatin accessibility in prefrontal cortex of individuals with schizophrenia.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30072055 PMC6474244 Progress in molecular biology and translational science Neuroepigenetics of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
2018 grantAcknowledge 30003630 pending Addiction (Abingdon, England) Genome-wide association meta-analysis of age at first cannabis use.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29977057 PMC6033923 Scientific reports Age at first birth in women is genetically associated with increased risk of schizophrenia.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29947131 PMC6179948 Human brain mapping Genome-wide association analysis links multiple psychiatric liability genes to oscillatory brain activity.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29940862 PMC6019513 BMC genomics A correction for sample overlap in genome-wide association studies in a polygenic pleiotropy-informed framework.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 29930110 PMC6097237 Science (New York, N.Y.) Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 29906448 PMC6432650 Cell Genomic Dissection of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, Including 28 Subphenotypes.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29905862 PMC6354221 Human molecular genetics Building a schizophrenia genetic network: transcription factor 4 regulates genes involved in neuronal development and schizophrenia risk.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29901528 PMC6039372 Psychiatric genetics Shared genetic etiology between alcohol dependence and major depressive disorder.
2019 Review-Perspective 29892054 PMC6477889 Molecular psychiatry Genetics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29872112 PMC6224527 Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Response to therapeutic sleep deprivation: a naturalistic study of clinical and genetic factors and post-treatment depressive symptom trajectory.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29861106 PMC5992130 American journal of human genetics Quantifying the Impact of Rare and Ultra-rare Coding Variation across the Phenotypic Spectrum.
2019 grantAcknowledge 29858598 PMC6274606 Molecular psychiatry An integrated analysis of genes and functional pathways for aggression in human and rodent models.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29805045 PMC5993513 American journal of human genetics Landscape of Conditional eQTL in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and Co-localization with Schizophrenia GWAS.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29790996 PMC6680088 Human molecular genetics DNA methylation and inflammation marker profiles associated with a history of depression.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29788473 PMC6188505 Schizophrenia bulletin Enhancing Psychosis-Spectrum Nosology Through an International Data Sharing Initiative.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29785013 PMC6477180 Nature genetics Genetic identification of brain cell types underlying schizophrenia.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29758032 PMC5997363 PLoS computational biology A loop-counting method for covariate-corrected low-rank biclustering of gene-expression and genome-wide association study data.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29754766 PMC5993419 American journal of human genetics Estimation of Genetic Correlation via Linkage Disequilibrium Score Regression and Genomic Restricted Maximum Likelihood.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29734224 PMC6428073 Harvard review of psychiatry Introduction.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29730937 PMC6070397 The American journal of psychiatry Familiality of Psychiatric Disorders and Risk of Postpartum Psychiatric Episodes: A Population-Based Cohort Study.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29712475 PMC5935124 The American journal of psychiatry Developmental Delay, Treatment-Resistant Psychosis, and Early-Onset Dementia in a Man With 22q11 Deletion Syndrome and Huntington”s Disease.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29706349 PMC5986696 American journal of human genetics Haplotype Sharing Provides Insights into Fine-Scale Population History and Disease in Finland.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29704319 pending American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics A molecule-based genetic association approach implicates a range of voltage-gated calcium channels associated with schizophrenia.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 29700475 PMC5934326 Nature genetics Genome-wide association analyses identify 44 risk variants and refine the genetic architecture of major depression.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29662059 PMC5902628 Nature communications Genome-wide association study of depression phenotypes in UK Biobank identifies variants in excitatory synaptic pathways.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29635364 PMC5961183 Human molecular genetics MIR137 schizophrenia-associated locus controls synaptic function by regulating synaptogenesis, synapse maturation and synaptic transmission.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29632383 PMC5942893 Nature genetics Transcriptome-wide association study of schizophrenia and chromatin activity yields mechanistic disease insights.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29580271 PMC5870256 Genome medicine Local adaptation in European populations affected the genetics of psychiatric disorders and behavioral traits.
2018 Review-Perspective 29576190 pending Biological psychiatry Conference Report: Psychiatric Genomics Consortium Meeting: Pathways to Drugs, London, March 2017.
2018 Review-Perspective 29555185 PMC5915904 Biological psychiatry Genomic Approaches to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Psychiatric Genomic Consortium Initiative.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29538625 PMC5917748 Brain : a journal of neurology Protein instability, haploinsufficiency, and cortical hyper-excitability underlie STXBP1 encephalopathy.
2019 grantAcknowledge 29520040 PMC6330082 Molecular psychiatry Biological annotation of genetic loci associated with intelligence in a meta-analysis of 87,740 individuals.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29505938 PMC6192675 Journal of psychiatric research Genome-wide association study of depressive symptoms in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29452766 PMC5924645 Psychoneuroendocrinology Traumatic stress and accelerated DNA methylation age: A meta-analysis.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29428394 pending Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews The pharmacology of amphetamine and methylphenidate: Relevance to the neurobiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and other psychiatric comorbidities.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29413154 PMC5806128 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Novel Loci Associated With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Are Revealed by Leveraging Polygenic Overlap With Educational Attainment.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29370225 PMC5784966 PloS one Examining the role of common and rare mitochondrial variants in schizophrenia.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29325848 PMC5992329 Biological psychiatry A Genetic Investigation of Sex Bias in the Prevalence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
2019 Review-Perspective 29317742 PMC6684352 Molecular psychiatry Psychiatric genetics and the structure of psychopathology.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29317602 PMC5802463 Translational psychiatry Genome-wide meta-analyses of stratified depression in Generation Scotland and UK Biobank.
2019 grantAcknowledge 29316088 PMC6037617 Addiction biology Beyond genome-wide significance: integrative approaches to the interpretation and extension of GWAS findings for alcohol use disorder.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29314255 PMC5768462 Genetic epidemiology Inference on phenotype-specific effects of genes using multivariate kernel machine regression.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29296025 PMC5754465 Molecular psychiatry Genome-wide common and rare variant analysis provides novel insights into clozapine-associated neutropenia.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29292387 PMC5805593 Nature genetics Multi-trait analysis of genome-wide association summary statistics using MTAG.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 29262854 PMC5738153 Genome medicine Integrated Bayesian analysis of rare exonic variants to identify risk genes for schizophrenia and neurodevelopmental disorders.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29230810 PMC6110087 Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica Trauma exposure interacts with the genetic risk of bipolar disorder in alcohol misuse of US soldiers.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29230023 pending Molecular psychiatry Pharmacogenetics predictors of methylphenidate efficacy in childhood ADHD.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29217296 pending Biological psychiatry Smaller Hippocampal Volume in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Multisite ENIGMA-PGC Study: Subcortical Volumetry Results From Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Consortia.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29183409 PMC6088772 Psychological medicine Genetic risk of major depressive disorder: the moderating and mediating effects of neuroticism and psychological resilience on clinical and self-reported depression.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29180674 pending Molecular psychiatry Why is there selective subcortical vulnerability in ADHD? Clues from postmortem brain gene expression data.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 29178946 PMC5702961 Genome medicine A putative causal relationship between genetically determined female body shape and posttraumatic stress disorder.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29159863 PMC5726923 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Genome-wide gene-environment interaction in depression: A systematic evaluation of candidate genes: The childhood trauma working-group of PGC-MDD.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29158581 PMC5752587 Molecular psychiatry Improved ethical guidance for the return of results from psychiatric genomics research.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29155802 PMC5828108 Molecular psychiatry Investigation of common, low-frequency and rare genome-wide variation in anorexia nervosa.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29136250 PMC6007549 Schizophrenia bulletin Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Volumes of Hippocampus, Putamen, and Intracranial Volume Indicates Shared Molecular Genetic Mechanisms.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29135816 PMC5856580 Medicine and science in sports and exercise Dopaminergic Genetic Variants and Voluntary Externally Paced Exercise Behavior.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 29132412 PMC5683372 Genome medicine Prospects for using risk scores in polygenic medicine.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 29129318 PMC5862738 Biological psychiatry Does Childhood Trauma Moderate Polygenic Risk for Depression? A Meta-analysis of 5765 Subjects From the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 29127340 PMC5703444 Scientific reports Hair Cortisol in Twins: Heritability and Genetic Overlap with Psychological Variables and Stress-System Genes.
2018 grantAcknowledge 29092750 PMC5924728 Schizophrenia research Genetically determined schizophrenia is not associated with impaired glucose homeostasis.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 29049554 PMC6396812 JAMA psychiatry Genetic Association of Major Depression With Atypical Features and Obesity-Related Immunometabolic Dysregulations.
2017 Review-Perspective 29031917 pending Biological psychiatry How Good Were Candidate Gene Guesses in Schizophrenia Genetics?
2018 Review-Perspective 28969442 PMC5756100 The American journal of psychiatry Psychiatric Genomics: An Update and an Agenda.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28963561 PMC5622077 Scientific reports Drug enrichment and discovery from schizophrenia genome-wide association results: an analysis and visualisation approach.
2018 grantAcknowledge 28942743 pending Psychological medicine Genetic risk scores and family history as predictors of schizophrenia in Nordic registers.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 28761083 PMC6660151 Molecular psychiatry Revealing the complex genetic architecture of obsessive-compulsive disorder using meta-analysis.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28746715 PMC5710474 JAMA psychiatry Identification of Genetic Loci Jointly Influencing Schizophrenia Risk and the Cognitive Traits of Verbal-Numerical Reasoning, Reaction Time, and General Cognitive Function.
2018 SecondaryAnalysis 28696435 PMC5764823 Molecular psychiatry A direct test of the diathesis-stress model for depression.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28691784 PMC5592721 American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics Epigenome-wide association of PTSD from heterogeneous cohorts with a common multi-site analysis pipeline.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28641109 PMC5568251 Neuron Rare Copy Number Variants in NRXN1 and CNTN6 Increase Risk for Tourette Syndrome.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28632202 PMC5537640 Translational psychiatry Genome-wide association study of borderline personality disorder reveals genetic overlap with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28630421 PMC5476671 Scientific reports A genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosa suggests a risk locus implicated in dysregulated leptin signaling.
2018 grantAcknowledge 28555076 PMC5709242 Molecular psychiatry Comparative genomic evidence for the involvement of schizophrenia risk genes in antipsychotic effects.
2017 PrimaryAnalysis 28540026 PMC5441062 Molecular autism Meta-analysis of GWAS of over 16,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorder highlights a novel locus at 10q24.32 and a significant overlap with schizophrenia.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28533504 PMC5440373 Scientific reports Identification of genetic loci shared between schizophrenia and the Big Five personality traits.
2018 Review-Perspective 28526398 pending Biological psychiatry Genomics of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Sequencing Stress and Modeling Misfortune.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28504703 PMC5552240 Nature genetics Polygenic transmission disequilibrium confirms that common and rare variation act additively to create risk for autism spectrum disorders.
2017 PrimaryAnalysis 28494655 PMC5581217 The American journal of psychiatry Significant Locus and Metabolic Genetic Correlations Revealed in Genome-Wide Association Study of Anorexia Nervosa.
2018 PrimaryAnalysis 28439101 PMC5696105 Molecular psychiatry Largest GWAS of PTSD (N=20 070) yields genetic overlap with schizophrenia and sex differences in heritability.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28391802 pending Biological psychiatry Solving the Eating Disorders Puzzle Piece by Piece.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28374664 PMC5501741 Psychological medicine Letter to the Editor: Posttraumatic stress disorder has genetic overlap with cardiometabolic traits.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28366442 PMC5384097 American journal of human genetics Human Demographic History Impacts Genetic Risk Prediction across Diverse Populations.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28350396 PMC5404611 Translational psychiatry Genetic effects influencing risk for major depressive disorder in China and Europe.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28343628 PMC5384099 American journal of human genetics Functional Architectures of Local and Distal Regulation of Gene Expression in Multiple Human Tissues.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28327175 PMC5359801 Genome medicine Schizophrenia and substance use comorbidity: a genome-wide perspective.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28322246 PMC5364411 Nature communications Genetic correlation between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and schizophrenia.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28187187 PMC5328401 PLoS genetics Widespread signatures of positive selection in common risk alleles associated to autism spectrum disorder.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28153336 PMC5553996 Biological psychiatry Genome-wide Regional Heritability Mapping Identifies a Locus Within the TOX2 Gene Associated With Major Depressive Disorder.
2017 grantAcknowledge 28072414 PMC5545718 Translational psychiatry Evidence for genetic heterogeneity between clinical subtypes of bipolar disorder.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 28049566 PMC5462867 Biological psychiatry An Analysis of Two Genome-wide Association Meta-analyses Identifies a New Locus for Broad Depression Phenotype.
2018 grantAcknowledge 28044064 PMC5382976 Molecular psychiatry ASD and schizophrenia show distinct developmental profiles in common genetic overlap with population-based social communication difficulties.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 27890468 pending Biological psychiatry Genetic Overlap Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Bipolar Disorder: Evidence From Genome-wide Association Study Meta-analysis.
2017 PrimaryAnalysis 27869829 PMC5737772 Nature genetics Contribution of copy number variants to schizophrenia from a genome-wide study of 41,321 subjects.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27806167 PMC6485350 JAMA psychiatry Association of Genetic Risk Variants With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Trajectories in the General Population.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27792727 PMC5085024 PLoS genetics No Reliable Association between Runs of Homozygosity and Schizophrenia in a Well-Powered Replication Study.
2016 Review-Perspective 27786187 PMC5676453 Nature neuroscience Translating genome-wide association findings into new therapeutics for psychiatry.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27754483 PMC5315539 Translational psychiatry Association between polygenic risk for schizophrenia, neurocognition and social cognition across development.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27694994 PMC5104192 Nature neuroscience Increased burden of ultra-rare protein-altering variants among 4,877 individuals with schizophrenia.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27668389 PMC5083142 Nature neuroscience Gene expression elucidates functional impact of polygenic risk for schizophrenia.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27663945 PMC5068552 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry A Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Population-Based Pediatric Cohorts.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27636104 PMC6453498 Omics : a journal of integrative biology Toward a Global Roadmap for Precision Medicine in Psychiatry: Challenges and Opportunities.
2016 Review-Perspective 27588522 PMC5015465 Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs Meta-Analyses of Genome-Wide Association Data Hold New Promise for Addiction Genetics.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27535533 PMC5018207 Nature Analysis of protein-coding genetic variation in 60,706 humans.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 27519822 PMC5262436 Biological psychiatry Genome-wide Association for Major Depression Through Age at Onset Stratification: Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27481726 PMC5056828 Experimental neurology New translational perspectives for blood-based biomarkers of PTSD: From glucocorticoid to immune mediators of stress susceptibility.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 27422368 PMC5262437 Biological psychiatry A Combined Pathway and Regional Heritability Analysis Indicates NETRIN1 Pathway Is Associated With Major Depressive Disorder.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27338758 PMC5026897 Schizophrenia research Evaluating the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia in a large-scale genome-wide association study.
2017 SecondaryAnalysis 27338279 PMC5463752 Schizophrenia bulletin Identification of Gene Loci That Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Educational Attainment.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27327646 PMC4915710 PLoS medicine Investigating the Causal Relationship of C-Reactive Protein with 32 Complex Somatic and Psychiatric Outcomes: A Large-Scale Cross-Consortium Mendelian Randomization Study.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27242348 PMC4988748 Schizophrenia bulletin Genome-Wide Association Studies Suggest Limited Immune Gene Enrichment in Schizophrenia Compared to 5 Autoimmune Diseases.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27182969 PMC4925284 Nature genetics A method to decipher pleiotropy by detecting underlying heterogeneity driven by hidden subgroups applied to autoimmune and neuropsychiatric diseases.
2016 grantAcknowledge 27167565 PMC4936936 JAMA psychiatry Genome-wide Association Studies of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in 2 Cohorts of US Army Soldiers.
2016 SecondaryAnalysis 27007234 PMC5785705 JAMA psychiatry Evidence for Genetic Overlap Between Schizophrenia and Age at First Birth in Women.
2016 grantAcknowledge 26998691 PMC4986048 Nature genetics Genetic risk for autism spectrum disorders and neuropsychiatric variation in the general population.
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