Current PGC Results

The goal of the PGC is rapid progress. Thus, we are making our current results freely available. These include significant findings from analyses that are published, in press, as well as “confident but not yet final”. This list will be updated several times per year.

Please note that full summary statistics for PGC main papers that are published or in press can be found on the PGC Downloads page.


These data are provided "as is", and without warranty, for scientific and educational use only. If you download these data, you acknowledge that these data will be used only for non-commercial research purposes; that the investigator is in compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal laws or regulations and institutional policies regarding human subjects and genetics research; and that the investigator will cite the appropriate PGC publication in any communications or publications arising directly or indirectly from these data.

Put simply, the use of these results is on you. The unpublished results can often change.

What is shown

The typical genome-wide significance level is P < 5e-8. We report below findings with P < 1e-8 as experience suggests this level of finding is more stable over the long run.

Please view this spreadsheet with findings per psychiatric disorder. These are often from the PGC but might be from a different consortium (as indicated). All coordinates are hg19 / GRCh37. The coordinates are obtained by  LD clumping at r2 0.6 with respect to the LD patterns in the  1000 Genomes Project CEU and TSI samples (--clump-p1 1e-4 --clump-p2 1e-4 --clump-r2 0.6 --clump-kb 3000). We show the most significant SNP in the region and its odd ratio and P-value.