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PGC Statistical Analysis teleconferences are typically held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Meeting Documents

Click the link in the table below to view the recording on YouTube.

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There was no meeting in January 2017.

Presenter Date Presentation Title Call Recordings
Luke Evans and Matthew Keller Feb. 27, 2017 PGC Imputations Using TOPMed as a Reference Panel Video
Matthew Keller Nov. 28, 2017 Pitfalls and best practice in estimating gene-by-environment interactions Video
Kristin Nicodemus May 30, 2017 Machine Learning: Pitfalls and Promise Video
Antonio Pardiñas April 25, 2017 Evaluating mutation intolerance and natural selection in schizophrenia GWAS data Video
Steven Gazal March 28, 2017 Partitioning heritability of human complex traits from common and low-frequency variants reveals patterns of natural selection Video
Aaditya Rangan Feb 28, 2017 Covariate-corrected biclustering methods for gene-expression and GWAS data Video