Meeting Documents

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Presenter Date Slide Presentation PDF
Lea Davis Nov 29, 2016 A systematic assessment of the population genetic evidence for selection across twenty brain related phenotypes Audio
Teresa De Candia and Matthew Keller Sept 27, 2016 Effects of assortative mating on SNP-heritability estimates
Patrick Sullivan Sept 20, 2016 PGC Bioinformatics Audio
Sarah Medland June 28, 2016 Methodological Issues in Imaging Genetics Audio
Michael Neale Apr 26, 2016 Pitfalls in GxE Research and How to Avoid Them
Daniel Howrigan Mar 22, 2016 PGC CNV analysis: Data management and analysis considerations for consortium level data Audio
Christiaan de Leeuw Feb 23, 2016 The statistical properties of gene-set analysis Audio
Hilary Finucane Jan 26, 2016 Heritability enrichment of differentially expressed genes in psychiatric traits Audio