Available Positions

PositionDescriptionDate PostedDeadline
Job Posting in Genomics at NIMHPostingFeb. 7, 2018until filled
PhD or Postdoc in neurogenetics/bioinformatics, The NetherlandsPostingDec. 15, 2018Jan. 11, 2018
Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Nadia Micali at University of GenevaJob DescriptionJune 30 2017Open until filled
Postdoctoral Researcher in Human Genetics at NUI GalwayJob PostingAugust 10, 2017Open Until Filled
Postdoc and Postgrad Positions in Psychiatric Genetics Available at YalePDFSeptember 15, 2017Open Until Filled


Positions that are open until filled will be posted for four months. If the position is still open after this four month period, please resubmit the job posting for display on this page.