PGC Worldwide Lab Meetings are held monthly and showcase research conducted by PGC members.


Presenter (s) Date Presentation Title Video
Joel Gelernter, Hang Zhou, Emma Johnson, Renato Polimanti, and Howard Edenberg January 24, 2020 Investigating different types of Substance Use Disorder View
Andrew McIntosh, Laura Ajram, Kaoline Kuchenbaeker, Jerry Guintivano, Mark Adams, and Oliver Pain February 14, 2020 An update from the PGC Major Depressive Disorder Working Group View
Mark Adams and Gerome Breen March 6, 2020 R Markdown to Properly document analyses + using GitHub View
Patrick Sullivan, Samantha Meltzer-Brody, Karestan Koenen, and Karmel Choi April 10, 2020 Work, life, science, and careers in the COVID-19 pandemic: keeping it going View
Patrick Sullivan, Andrew McIntosh, Thalia Ely, Cathryn Lewis, and Anita Thapar April 17, 2020 Panel Discussion regarding COVID-19 and addressing important questions asked from participants. View
Barbara Franke, Tetyana Zayats, and Ditte Demontis April 24, 2020 Attention Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder View
Patrick Sullivan, Cynthia Bulik, Cathryn Lewis, and Sarah Medland May 8, 2020 Panel Discussing the Results of COVID-19 Survey View
Lea Davis, Jordan Smoller, and Julia Sealock May 22, 2020 The PsycheMERGE network: Advancing precision psychiatry through genomic approaches to electronic health records View
David Ledbetter June 26, 2020 Upcoming Upcoming