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PGC Worldwide Lab Meetings are typically held on the 2nd Friday of each month.

Meeting Documents

Click the link in the table below to view the recording or visit our YouTube playlist.


Presenter Date Presentation Title Video
Dan Geschwind Dec 14, 2018 Integrative genomics reveals the developmental origins of neuropsychiatric conditions View
Niamh Mullins and David Howard Nov 9, 2018 Genome-wide association study identifies novel loci associated with bipolar disorder View
Nicholas Bray Sept 14, 2018 Gene regulation in the developing human brain and genetic risk for neuropsychiatric disorders View
Michael Gandal Aug 10, 2018 Leveraging human brain transcriptomics to identify a convergent molecular pathology of psychiatric disease View
Marcus Munafò Jun 22, 2018 Cannabis, Tobacco and Mental Health View
Paola Giusti, Renato Palimanti, P.R. Jansen and Nicholas Clifton May 11, 2018 Schizophrenia & a high-res map of the 3D chromatin interactome of adult & fetal cortex
Genetic Overlap and Causality among MDD,Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Consumption
GWAS meta-analysis of insomnia in over 1 million participants from UK Biobank and 23andMe
Yun Li and Kyoko Watanabe April 13, 2018 Yun Li: HUGIn: a handy online visualization tool for across-tissue chromatin spatial organization data
Kyoko: Functional mapping and annotation of genetic associations with FUMA
Katja Luck and Matthijs Verhage Mar 9, 2018 Katja: Towards a reference human protein interactome map
Matthijs: SynGO-the Synapse Gene Ontology and Annotation Project
Jonathan Pritchard Feb 9, 2018 Omnigenic architecture of human complex traits View