2015 New Policy for Reimbursements of Travel Expenses including Registration

We have been notified by Travel Services that there is a new policy concerning payment of expenses before a trip is taken. If you have expenses that you want to be reimbursed before a trip is taken, Travel Services will only issue this as an advance payment by hard check (not by direct deposit). You must justify the reason why you paid for the expense in advance (e.g. registration costs) instead of requesting that the University issue a check directly to conference vendor (preferred method) or waiting until after the trip to submit reimbursements. If the conference will not accept a check and requires that you pay online then you would have to include this in your written justification.

Here is a link that explains this new policy:
Policy 1306.1
Please feel free to contact Tangi Covington in accounting if you have any questions regarding this new policy.