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Danielle Chappell, Pharmacology graduate student in the Damania lab, co-hosts a podcast on “Bias, misinformation and COVID-!9”

Contains the words "PhD and Me: The Third Degree" and "BIas, misinformation and Covid-19" and pictures of 3 people. The link goes to the podcast:

Covid-19 has altered every aspect of PhD life.  In “Bias, misinformation and COVID-19” of PhD and Me: The Third Degree, Danielle and co-hosts take turns discussing their cutting-edge research, how they are dealing with misinformation, and the multiple forms of biases this pandemic has brought to light.

Listen here:

This episode was recorded in June 2020.

Co-hosts are Sam Eiffert (UNC, Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Steven Houang (UNC, Health Behavior and Health Education).