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Dr. Bryan Roth was featured in Drug Discovery and Development for his lab’s research using non-hallucinatory psychoplastogens for treating mental health disorders and on WCNC Charlotte for his advocacy for its use in clinical settings.

Bryan Roth, MD, PhD

Dr. Bryan Roth was featured in Drug Discovery and Development for his lab’s research using non-hallucinatory psychoplastogens for treating mental health disorders. Dr. Roth receives funding from the U.S. military for his research using novel structural biology and computational approaches to identify novel rapid-acting psychedelic-inspired medicines that avoid the adverse effects that can sometimes accompany classic psychedelicsHe was also profiled in an article from WCNC Charlotte for his support of a new bill to decriminalize MDMA and psilocybin in clinical settings, which may ultimately allow funding in North Carolina for research of psychedelic-based treatments.