Terry Magnuson, Vice Chancellor of Research, (photo by Jon Gardiner)

Carolina has surpassed, for the first time, $1 billion in annual research expenditures, according to the nation’s annual Higher Educa- tion Research and Development survey. This news continues Carolina’s decade-long rise as one of the world’s top universities for spon- sored research.

The latest survey covers fiscal year 2016 and was released Nov. 30. Carolina ranked 11th nationally among all research institutions in overall research and development expenditures, sixth nationally among public institutions, and sixth nationally in overall federal R&D.

“The sustained growth we have seen in our research enterprise since 2013 is a tribute to the excellence and dedication of the faculty, stu- dents and staff who are the heart of Carolina’s research and training programs,” said Chancel- lor Carol L. Folt.

“Thanks to their concerted and sus- tained work and their efforts to increase and strengthen outside partnerships, Carolina has become one of the nation’s most power- ful economic engines, known for teams of researchers who take on the toughest, most complex challenges of our times. By building

upon this foundation of excellence, nurtur- ing the culture of collaboration and innova- tion that our researchers have created and investing in areas of opportunity and need, we can ensure research thrives here and amazing discoveries can move quickly to prac- tical applications that benefit our state, nation and world.”

~except from article of same name in the UNC Gazette, Dec. 20, 2017 issue, pg. 4; read the full article here.