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Carolina Summer Fellowship Students made their oral presentations of their summer research Wednesday, July 27, 2011. The students are:

Adam Buckholz—Dr. Ken Harden
(UNC-CH/B.S. Biology/May 2012)
“Investigating G Protein Interaction with the Canonical Arabidopsis Phospholipase C”

John Runge—Dr. Gary Johnson
(Transfer to UNC-CH from Trinity Univ./B.A. History 2012)
“AZD6244 and Sorafenib Combination Therapies in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells”

Jennifer Tran—Dr. Channing Der
(UNC-CH/B.S. Biology/May 2013)
“Localization and activity of Ect2 RhoGEF in Colorectal Cancer”

Elizabeth Wood—Dr. Angelique Whitehurst
(Furman University/B.S. Chemistry/May 2012)
“Elucidating the functional role of TRIM69 in chemoresistance”

Photo below (left to right): John Runge, Jennifer Tran, Elizabeth Wood and Adam Buckholz. Click for enlargement.

Carolina Summer Fellows 2011-450

Oral Presentation Program