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Our Carolina Summer Fellows gave their final presentations Tuesday.  Our congratulations to all the students on completing the program! We are very proud of each of you!

Carolina Summer Fellows with program directors after giving their research talks and completing the program. Congratulations to all!

Talks were given as follows:

Morning Sessions (10:30 AM)

  • Stuart Phipps (Biology), Morehouse College (2021),“Effects of N. Gonorrhoeae PorB Treatments on Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cell DOCK8 Levels”, Duncan Lab
    Jasmine Scott (Biochemistry),Spelman College(2021), “The Interaction of Neisseria Gonorrhoeaeand the Female Microbiome”, Duncan Lab
    Dante Reyna (Cellular & Molecular Biochemistry), University of Texas at El Paso (2020), “Regulation of Nod1 v. Nod2 expression by NIpC in Neisseria Gonorrhea”, Nicholas & Duncan Lab
    Joseph Kim (Psychology & Pre-Med), Stony Brook University (2022), “Novel Treatments for Antibiotic Tolerant Sub-Populations of Staphylococcus Aureus”, Conlon & Graves Lab
    Veronica Samojedny (Neuroscience & History), Tulane University (2021), “Role of Acute Stress and Ethanol in the Modulation of Threat Response Behaviors”, Kash Lab

Afternoon Sessions (1 PM)

  • Jordan Dean (Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Rhode Island (2020), “Explaining Unexpected Patterns of Synergy in Novel Drug Combinations for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment”, Der Lab
    Kodi Harris (Biology & Computer Science), Morehouse College (2022), “KDM6A Loss Sensitizes PDAC Human PDX Lines to BET Inhibition”, Yeh Lab
    Kathy Nowak (Biological Sciences), North Carolina State University (2020), “Investigating Resistance Mechanisms to KRAS Suppression in Pancreatic Cancer”, Der Lab
    Nadia McBean (Biology & Neuroscience), Spelman College (2021), “Factors that Contribute to Successful Establishment of PDAC Patient-Derived Organoids”, Yeh Lab
    Andrea Vargas (Biological Sciences), University of South Carolina (2021), “Assessing Synergistic Drug Combinations in Triple Negative Breast Cancer”, Graves Lab
CSFP students strike a pose after giving their final research talks.  Good going, everyone!  We love you all!