Mike Pablo, a graduate student in Tim Elston’s and Klaus Hahn’s labs, successfully defended his PhD via Zoom on Monday, March 23, despite the challenges of having to defend remotely.  Congratulations, Mike! We’re proud of you!!

This is a picture of 2 people (Mike and Tom) and a computer screen with people's faces on the screen who are participating in Tom's virtual PhD party via Zoom.
A happy Mike (R) and Tom (L) with the computer screen showing all the Zoom party attendees in their various homes.

Due to the COVID-19 shut down and switchover to remote learning, Mike gave his PhD defense from home via Zoom to just his committee members.

The tItle of Mike’s talk was “Spatiotemporal coordination of signaling at single molecule resolution.”

His party afterward was also via Zoom, except for his boyfriend, Tom Swiderski, who was there in person to celebrate with him.  Zoom attendees who celebrated with Mike from their respective homes are his parents, Marylou Griarte Pablo and Rhys Pablo (in NYC), one of his sisters, Krhystyne Pablo, faculty mentors, including Tim and Klaus, along with friends, lab members and co-workers, and a couple of cats. (A shout out here to Mike’s other sister, Nerhys Pablo, who wasn’t able to catch that call.)

Mike will be joining the Gladstone UCSF Center for Cell Circuitry, with Leor Weinberger’s Lab as a postdoc. His original plan was to move out to San Francisco in late May (around the 26th). That timeline might need adjusting due to events, but in the meantime he will be meeting with his new lab via Zoom. 

While Mike is technically a Chemistry student, by virtue of being a member of two(!) pharmacology labs, he is part of our Pharmacology family, and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate this achievement with him!

Mike, we are grateful you have been a part of lives for a while and we wish you all the best of everything as you start your new research career!

Another pic of Tom and Mike connecting via Zoom with the other partiers