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Dr. Connor Wander successfully defended his PhD June 29!

Dr. Connor Wander
Dr. Connor Wander

The title of his talk was “Potential Mechanisms of Hippocampal Resilience to Alzheimer’s disease Pathophysiology.”

His mentors are Drs. Juan Song and Todd Cohen.

Published Journal Articles  and Awards

Connor was the recipient of several fellowships and grants including a Pharmacology T32 Training Grant award, a National Research Service Award (NRSA) Fellowship, and a Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

He is first author on a journal article published last year, in iScience: The Accumulation of Tau-Immunoreactive Hippocampal Granules and Corpora Amylacea Implicates Reactive Glia in Tau Pathogenesis during Aging, iScience, 2020, Wander, et al..

He is also co-author on four other journal articles:

Connor has accepted a postdoctoral scientist position at Alkahest, a biopharmaceutical company in the San Francisco bay area with plans to move in mid-August. We wish Connor all the best in his new position!