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Our 2017 Carolina Summer Fellowship students gave their research presentations today as they end the program. Congratulations to all!

Our CSF students gave Awesome presentations! (Back row L to R): Adam Graves, Sam Curry and Zach Smith. (Front row L to R): Ar-Ryon Garrison, McKenzie O’Hara, Marielle Bond and Adelaide Cooke.

Congratulations to our Carolina Summer Fellowship students who gave their research presentations today as they complete the program.

Everyone did an awesome job!

  • McKenzie O’Hara 18’, UNC, Biology (Der Lab) “Identifying novel kinases that regulate MYC protein stability”
  • Adelaide Cooke ‘18, UNC, Biology (Der Lab) “Biochemical Characterization of KRAS 4A”
  • Marielle Bond ‘18, UNC, Biology (Cox Lab) “What is the role of YAP1 in melanoma cell lines dependent on mutant NRAS and on the MAPK pathway?”
  • Zach Smith ‘18, Michigan State University, Biochemistry (Schisler Lab) “Interactions between CHIP and phosphorylated HSP70”
  • Sam Curry, ’20 Morehouse College, Biology (Graves Lab) “Investigating the role of BTK in drug resistance”
  • Adam Graves ‘18, UNC, Biology (Graves Lab) “Investigating the Effects of Gator01 on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer”
  • Ar-Ryon Garrison ‘20, Clark Atlanta University, Biology (Nicholas Lab) Role of the lipid transporter PqiABC in import of LpxC inhibitors into Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
We wish you all the best as you return to your undergraduate schools and complete your studies!
CSF Students with Mentors and Program Coordinators
CSF students with their mentors and program directors. (Back row L to R): Jonathan Schisler, Sam Curry, Zach Smith, Adam Graves, Lee Graves, Rob Nicholas, and Channing Der. (Front row L to R): Adrienne Cox, Marielle Bond, Adelaide Cooke, McKenzie O’Hara, Ar-Ryon Garrison and Nicole Arnold. Click for larger view.