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Graduate Student, Pharmacology

3rd Year Graduate Student

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2017 with a Nutrition BSPH and Chemistry BA. In the Graves lab, we have recently shown that the novel anticancer compound ONC201 (and analogs) activate the mitochondrial peptidase ClpP, and this potentially affects metabolism in cancer cells. My Ph.D. thesis project is focused on determining the metabolic consequences of ClpP activation in cancer cells through a number of biochemical, molecular, and proteomic techniques. The results of this project would lead to a better understanding of the mechanism of action of ONC201 and its analogs, potentially leading to further development of anticancer compounds. In my free time, I like to work in my garden, take care of my houseplants, and bake.

  • Address

    4023 Genetic Medicine Building

    120 Mason Farm Rd.

    CB# 7365

    Chapel Hill, NC 27599