Pharmacology Holds Research Retreat

Poster session 1

The Department of Pharmacology held its annual all day research retreat with guest speakers, poster presentations and a social mixer on March 26, 2013 at the Friday Center. The research retreat brought the department's faculty, postdocs, research faculty and staff, and graduate students together to share new projects and ideas in a social environment. Three guest speakers were invited to speak, including Dr. John Blenis of Harvard as the Keynote speaker.

  • John Blenis, PhD, Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, Title of Keynote talk: “ERK-MAP Kinase and RSK, Spatial and Temporal Regulation and Cancer”
  • Jessie M. English, PhD, Head of Research, The Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Title of talk: “Addressing Challenges in Drug Discovery: A Career Perspective”
  • Michael Emanuele, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and The Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Title of talk: “Genetic and Proteomic Identification of E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Substrates”

Guest Speakers

Photo above: Guest speakers (L to R): Jessie M. English, John Blenis, and Michael Emanuele. Click for larger view.

Other speakers included graduate student, and postdoc presentations by:

    • Justin English, 5th Year Graduate Student, Title of talk: “Decoding the Yeast Stress Response Circuit”
    • Kristen E. Pleil, Postdoctoral Fellow, Title of talk: “Chronic Binge Ethanol Drinking Dysregulates Neuropeptide Y Signaling in theExtended Amygdala”
    • Dan Urban, 6th Year Graduate Student, Title of talk: “Exclusive Activation of the Serotonergic Dorsal Raphe Network”
    • Daniel Marston, PhD, Research Assistant Professor,Title of talk: “Designing Activation Sensors for Vav Family RhoGEFs”


  • Becky Sinnott, 5th Year Graduate Student,Title of talk: “Genome-wide RNAi Screen Reveals Molecular Components that Promote Mitotic Fidelity and Contribute to Mitotic Slippage”
  • Marty Whittle, 5th Year Graduate Student,Title of talk: “Reprogramming of the Cancer Kinome in Response to Targeted Kinase Inhibition”



Two posters sessions were held in the morning and afternoon.  Forty-four posters were presented. Five poster presenters won awards for best posters.  Winners were:


  • Tasha Nalywajko Blatt, NIcholas Lab
  • Kate White, Roth Lab
  • Daniel Dominguez, Wang Lab
  • Tim Stuhlmiller, Der Lab
  • Dustin Bosch, Siderovski Lab

Poster Award Winners

Photo above: Four winners of poster awards (L to R): Tim Stuhlmiller, Daniel Dominguez, Kate White and Tasha Nalywajko Blatt.

Two of the five postdoctoral speakers also won best speaker presentation awards.  Winners were:


  • Justin English, Dohlman Lab
  • Marty Whittle, Johnson Lab


Presentation award winners received a check for $100. Our congratulations to all!


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