Reid Olsen Winner of 2015 Joy Cappel Young Investigator Award

Reid Olsen wins a 2015 Joy Cappel Young Investigator award.

Congratulations to Reid Olsen, a graduate student in Bryan Roth's lab, who has won a 2015 Joy Cappel Young Investigator Award from Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.!

From the Award website:

"Winners have been selected based on their commitment and contributions to innovative and collaborative scientific achievements and advances in the life sciences."

"This award is intended to foster research conducted by promising post-doctoral fellows, graduate students or young investigators performing research in areas of oncology, nuclear signaling, developmental biology, epigenetics, immunology, microbiology, neuroscience, signal transduction or stem cell technology."

The award includes a ~$4000 credit towards the development of a custom antibody.

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Reid is also the recent recipient of three other recent awards: Thomas Collum Butler Graduate Fellowship Award and the Tanner Teaching Assistants Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and a Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience.