Ken D. McCarthy

Ken D. McCarthy


Department of Pharmacology

Ph.D., Pharmacology
University of Utah

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Research Interests

  • Investigating the Role of Astrocyte Signaling in Brain Function

Research Synopsis

Approximately 50% of the mammalian brain is composed of astrocytes. These cells are present in every region of brain, are always closely associated with neuronal elements, and exhibit a wide variety of morphological phenotypes and neurotransmitter receptors. It is striking that while these cells constitute the largest single population of cells in brain, we know very little concerning their role in brain function. Many neurobiologists believe that astrocytes play a critical role in buffering extracellular potassium levels within the narrow range required for neuronal activity. Similarly, astrocytes are thought important in removing glutamate following its release at neuronal synapses.

A primary goal of our laboratory is to determine how astrocytes and neurons are signaling one another and the functional outcome of neuron astrocyte conversation. Our working hypothesis is that there are microdomains within astrocytic syncytium that interact with neuronal synapses to facilitate or to dampen neuronal excitability and/or neurotransmission. Through a combination of 2-photon imaging in live animals, electrophysiological, and behavioral  studies using genetically-engineered mice we hope to begin unraveling the role of these cells in neurophysiology and disease.

(Read a more detailed an overview of the McCarthy Lab's work: Investigating the Role of Astrocyte Signaling in Brain Function)



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  • Nett, W.J., Oloff, S.H., and McCarthy, K.D. (2002) Hippocampal astrocytes in situ exhibit calcium oscillations that occur independent of neuronal activity. J Neurophysiol 87(1): 528-537. Abstract

Contact Information

Office Location:
4044 Genetic Medicine

Mailing Address:
CB # 7365
UNC-CH School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7365

Office Phone: 919-966-1152
Fax: 919-966-5640



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